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Our Community

Community is at the heart of the Gale River organization and program. As a cooperative, we highly value the partnership between home and school for the families and children we serve.  Through our commitment to community education, and support, Gale River quickly feels like a place of comfort and connection to our families. At Gale River, families have the opportunity to:


Make connections: Through community events and time spent at school, families begin to forge bonds and support one another in the important work of raising their children.


Participate in your child’s education: Through member helping days, and community events you become a part of the team of adults working to offer wonder-filled opportunities to our students.


Be supported in your child’s development: Through a close connection with teachers, members have the opportunity to work as a team in understanding and navigating the challenges and stages of child development.


Make a difference: Through the many small acts of volunteer work, days spent in the classroom, fundraising, board membership, and participation, members feel the impact of their contributions on our small nonprofit school.


We love to come together as a community and celebrate nature-based play and learning. Join us for one of our upcoming events!

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