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About Us

Gale River Cooperative Preschool is a nature-based school nestled in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. At GRCP, we are deeply committed to honoring the magic of childhood. In doing so, we cultivate a community that allows children the time, space, connection, and boundaries to become joyful, curious, self-assured participants in their exploration and learning. Through immersion, connection, and appreciation of the natural world, the students of GRCP become stewards of the earth. We are a non-profit, non-sectarian preschool ​licensed by the State of New Hampshire's Department of Early Education located in Bethlehem, NH.


Our Program

We value free play in nature, and meeting children where they are.


Direct experience with nature stimulates intelligence in countless ways. American families’ busy lifestyles often preclude children from spending enough healthy time outdoors. Gale River Cooperative Preschool deeply values free play in nature. We take advantage of our wonderful forest location and give children ample opportunity to play and explore outside. Free play in nature, walks through the woods and fields, planting seeds, harvesting vegetables, scavenger hunts, sledding, and building snow-people sharpen the senses, broaden the mind, and elicit sheer joy and excitement in children. 


Parent Involvement

The school is a parent and guardian run cooperative. Under the guidance and in partnership with our professional teachers, the parents and guardians form a community that encourages caring for all of the children and families - a sharing of ideas, skills, concerns, and values.

Part of this membership involves parents and guardians volunteering their time to be classroom helpers and to help around the school. In these ways, parents and guardians get to witness their child’s growth and development in school firsthand, an opportunity not available at other preschools. Co-op parents and guardians also sit on the school’s board and committees and collaborate in fundraising efforts.

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